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Low-Maintenance Plants in Commercial Landscapes

If you are contemplating landscaping your commercial property, you’ll need to consider what types of plants to integrate into the final design. Plants add interest and variety to your landscape; however, it’s important, when designing your outdoor space, to look for low-maintenance options. Fussy varietals or plants not suited to local climate conditions can potentially […]

How to Plan for a Commercial Landscaping Project

When planning a commercial landscaping project, it’s important to go through a thorough planning process to ensure that you ultimately create a landscape that not only suits your company’s needs but reflects your brand and continues to impress for years to come. When planning your commercial project, here are some important items to consider. First: […]

Landscaping for Commercial Driveways and Entrances

While many businesses focus their energy on landscaping around a building or right at the front door, it’s also possible to extend your landscaping out further to help elevate your driveways and entrances. Not only do landscaped driveways help break up the monotony of an extensive lawn, but they also set the stage for the […]

Commercial Irrigation System Installation

The green space around your business is just as much an investment as the building itself. Having a well-manicured green space reflects your business’s brand and personality. That’s why it’s important to keep it well maintained. Maintenance doesn’t just include weeding and mowing the lawns to make sure everything is neat and tidy. It also […]

Increasing Occupancy and Retention Through Landscaping

Landscapes are powerful visual cues that reflect a building’s accessibility and openness. When a potential tenant comes to visit a home or apartment for the first time, the exterior landscape will be their first impression. Having an inviting landscape will help people envision what it would be like to live in the building and can […]

6 Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Commercial Property

If you are updating your commercial property’s landscape or designing it for the first time, you know how important it is to make an impression on those that are visiting your organization. The landscape surrounding your building is one of the first impressions people have. That’s why it’s necessary to consider how you can use […]