Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Plan your Backyard Makeover!

It’s hard to imagine that summer is over.  The leaves are falling and the air is colder, meaning it will be months before we get out to enjoy our backyards again.  If bidding adieu to your outdoor space until next spring doesn’t make you just a little bit sad, perhaps it’s time to consider a landscape makeover to turn your property into your own summer oasis by next year.

Fall is the perfect time to plan and execute a backyard makeover:

  1. You are using your outdoor space less, so landscapers won’t be in the way of your day to day life.
  2. Landscape professionals are generally less busy in the fall and early winter, so you may have more success with availability than you would in the summer months.
  3. Many bulbs and plants require planting in fall in order to flower in spring – allowing you to have colour and vitality in your gardens from the very beginning of the season.
  4. Complete stonework, retaining walls and structures with plenty of time to allow grass and greenery to grow.

How do I plan my revitalized yard space?

In order to design the perfect outdoor entertainment area, it’s important to think about how you would like to use your yard.  Do you like to have friends over in the afternoons for barbeques, or for late-night cocktails on the patio?  Do you have small children who need space to play, or pets who may damage grass and foliage?  Are you looking for a water feature for ambience or a fire table for sipping hot cocoa on a cool evening?  All of these are important considerations that help to shape the look and feel you are after for your yard.

Armed with your ideas and our expertise, we can help you to design the ideal space to entertain, relax in and enjoy.  We will advise you on feature placement and materials, plant choices and irrigation systems to ensure that your final product is everything you wanted- and more.

Get ready for spring by planning your backyard getaway this fall!  Give us a call to book your free consultation.

Tips for Spring Deck Building

Spring is almost here and it’s time to shake off the cobwebs of winter and look forward to using our outdoor space again!  If your deck was looking shabby in the fall, or you were thinking of a new build, now’s the time to plan so that your yard is ready for entertaining as soon as you are!

Here are just a few questions we get asked about spring deck building:

  1. Should I wait until summer to build my deck? As landscapers, summer is our busiest time of year, so we may not have the availability you want to get your new deck built for the outdoor season. In early spring, we are ramping up for the season and will have plenty of time to get your project complete for you to enjoy with your family and friends.  Plus, since homeowners are less likely to need access to their yard or back door at this time of year, we can often work with limited interruption and hassle for our clients.
  2. Can my deck be rebuilt? If the frame of your deck is less than 10 years old, we can often re-deck it.  This means fixing any small issues with the frame and installing new boards and rails for a deck that is sturdy and secure, while still adding visual appeal to your yard.  Of course, older decks, or framing that is in disrepair, should be demolished and rebuilt from scratch to ensure its safety and longevity for years to come.
  3. What design features should I consider for my deck? The sky is the limit for your deck design.  Consider varying heights, built-in seating, wooden deck boxes and even curved decking to make sure that your outdoor space stands out from the rest.  Make sure you incorporate all of the ways you will want to use your deck – backyard grilling, dining al fresco or entertaining under the stars – to make sure you have enough space for all of the activities you like to enjoy.
  4. How long will it take to build my deck? We recognize that it’s important for homeowners to get their outdoor projects completed and reclaim their space as soon as possible.  We will provide you with an estimated timeline at your consultation appointment, and will be sure to give you an amazing finished project with a minimal amount of disruption to your home life.