Commercial Irrigation System Installation

The green space around your business is just as much an investment as the building itself. Having a well-manicured green space reflects your business’s brand and personality. That’s why it’s important to keep it well maintained.

Maintenance doesn’t just include weeding and mowing the lawns to make sure everything is neat and tidy. It also means regular watering to ensure your plants continue to be lush and healthy. However, manual daily watering can be time-intensive and expensive. It can also be wasteful.

There are many reasons to consider installing an irrigation system to water your company’s green space.  Here are just a few.

It Saves Time and Labour

Hand watering or manual sprinklers will require careful planning and long man-hours. And, with the best times to water a lawn and garden being between four and ten AM, it may be a challenge to find a dedicated staff member to regularly handle the job. An outdoor irrigation system allows a company to set their water times for maximum effectiveness without human intervention.

It’s Strategically Designed for Maximum Effect

A professionally laid out irrigation system is one that is strategic in all aspects of water disbursement, from placement to position to the direction of water flow. This avoids runoff on sidewalks and driveways where water is wasted and ensures water gets exactly where it needs to be.

It’s Subtle and Aesthetically Pleasing

Irrigation systems remove the unsightly appearance of hoses and sprinklers and are installed underground with only the sprinkler heads visible while in use. This ensures your business’s exterior is never obstructed by unsightly landscaping items that ruin the environment’s visual appeal.

It Keeps Your Lawn and Plants Healthy

Depending on the soil conditions, and the general climate in your area, your lawn will require 30-60 minutes of watering twice a week. Too much or too little water will result in a deterioration of your plants and your landscape will begin to appear unhealthy. By installing a professional-grade irrigation system, you can cater your watering to your landscape and ensure the plants get the correct amount of water that they need to thrive.

It Saves Money

There are many types of irrigation systems that are programmable to release only the right amount of water. This ensures less waste and lower water bills. By using techniques such as drip irrigation or timing devices, you’ll be making sure your business will waste less water. Automating the process also reduces or eliminates man-hours, helping you put less stress on the environment while reducing monthly costs.

When your business is in need of a professionally installed irrigation system to help keep your lawns green and eco-friendly, talk to us. We work with companies all over Kelowna to ensure their lawns and gardens get the professional care they need in a way that is cost-effective and kind to the environment. Contact us today.

Why You Should Invest In An Irrigation System

Many people see an in-ground irrigation system as a luxury reserved for country clubs and golf courses.  The truth is, a good irrigation system can be affordable and cost saving at the same time – all while keeping your yard in perfect condition.

Save Money And The Environment With Water Conservation

Skilled landscapers can design an irrigation system that will deliver just the right amount of water to key areas in your yard.  This means a calculated amount of water to be dispersed at regular intervals, with no waste.  The days of running a hose across the lawn and watering for hours on end are a thing of the past.  Controlling your water usage helps to keep your water bill down while not overusing this valuable resource.

Protect Your Plants With In-ground Sprinklers

We all know plants need water to survive, but too much or too little can be deadly to your lawns and gardens.  Too much water, and the plants can rot and die.  Too little, and they wither away without much hope for recuperation.  A custom sprinkler solution will help to avoid these common gardening mishaps and save on the cost of replacing your beloved perennials.  Give up the arduous task of manual watering, and enjoy the lush, beautiful yard you deserve.

The Pros Know

Expert landscapers know how to get the results you want from your irrigation system.  Whether you live on a sprawling country estate or a modest city lot, you’ll want the right number of sprinkler heads, spaced for optimal benefit and minimal water usage.  We will measure your space, check your water pressure, and develop a unique design suited for your home.

Having your sprinklers professionally installed by an experienced landscaping crew means you are guaranteed to have a system that accounts for high and low areas of your yard, and ensures there are no dry spots or pools of standing water – both of which can damage your lawn.  Leaving it to pros ensures you have a quality product that will function properly, and will last for many years to come.