Keep Your Commercial Hardscapes Looking Professional

Hardscapes are great for creating visual interest within a landscape and for providing natural gathering spaces outdoors. However, you need to keep them looking polished and inviting – especially if you are a business, and you want the space to reflect your professionalism.

To keep hardscapes from falling into disarray, there are a few steps you can take. Acting in a preventative manner will keep your hardscape looking great for years to come.

Start With A Good Sealer

If you have a relatively new hardscape, and you want to set yourself up for success, consider using a sealer. This will not only enhance colour, it will protect the hardscape against the Okanagan elements.

Address Wear and Tear

As the years go by, cracks may begin to appear. If you have bricks or paving stones, remove and replace any damaged pieces to keep the entire space looking great.

Cracks in a concrete slab can start small. However, if they are left unaddressed, they can become a bigger problem. If you notice cracks in several areas, contact a professional to get your hardscape assessed.

Remove Weeds

Hardscapes may develop weed growth in between bricks or stones, or even in cracks. Remove the weeds before they can take hold and do any damage or go to seed and spread across more of the surface area.

Grab a Broom

Sweeping your hardscape regularly helps remove debris. This not only keeps it looking great, but it also ensures fallen leaves or other items don’t sit on the surface and stain the underlying stone or concrete. Sweeping may need to be done more regularly at different times of the year, depending on the surrounding environment. For example, in the fall, there generally may be more leaves and more sweeping required. In the summer, it may barely need sweeping at all.

Perform an Annual Cleaning

Make it a point to clean your hardscape annually. Using a pressure washer can remove build-up such as algae and lichens from stone and concrete and make the entire space look brand-new. It’s best to hire a professional to handle pressure-washing, as it is possible to damage surfaces if too strong of a setting is used.

Do you need advice on how to handle your hardscapes, or are you considering a hardscape refresh? Our professionals are here to help. Contact us today. We always offer free estimates!

Spring Maintenance Must Do’s

It’s finally here!  Spring is in the air and we couldn’t be happier to see the end of the cold weather.  Now it’s time to take a look around and see what a toll the snow and ice took on the yard.  If you’re looking forward to getting your patio on, it’s important to get spring maintenance underway as soon as possible so that your property is ready in time for that first BBQ of the season.

So, where do you get started?  Here are a few must-do’s to get the most out of your backyard this year:

  1. Revive Your Lawn. Spring is a great time to rake and de-thatch your lawn.  This lifts up any old dead grass and debris, and allows, water, air and sunshine to get to the healthy grass below.  Aerating your lawn helps as well – especially in high traffic areas.  Next, be sure to fertilize your lawn, and apply seed in any bare patches for even growth.
  2. Spruce Up Your Trees and Shrubs. Over the winter months, snow and ice can accumulate on trees and shrubs, causing some damage and breakage.  Make sure to prune in spring to remove any dead or broken branches to allow for healthy growth and more appealing greenery.
  3. Tend to Your Flower Beds. Now is the time to add mulch to your beds to help retain moisture and add visual interest.  You should also replace any perennials that did not survive the winter, and consider what annuals you want to add, if any.
  4. Plan any Backyard Upgrades. If you’ve been thinking about adding a retaining wall or a water feature, now’s the time to do it.  Construction on these projects is best done in the spring or late fall, when damage to existing landscaping can easily be repaired without impacting the short outdoor season.

If you need help with your spring maintenance work, planting suggestions or landscape construction, give the team at Okanagan Yard Works a call.  Our friendly professionals always deliver on quality, price and service.  Trust us for all of your landscaping needs.

Key Steps For Winterizing Your Yard

The time has come to dig out hats and gloves and get ready to weather another winter season.  It’s also time to prepare your yard for the conditions ahead to make sure your plants and trees emerge just as beautiful and healthy next spring.   Taking a little time and effort now will help save you time and money when the frost clears.

Here are a few important tips to remember:

  • Rake your leaves and de-thatch your lawn. It can seem like a waste of time to clear all of the debris when your lawn is going to be pretty much dormant all winter, but the truth is, this is an important task that should not be overlooked.  Removing leaves and debris allows sunlight in and helps to prevent rot and disease.
  • Pull weeds. You may think that the weeds in your lawn and garden will die off with the cold, but they will come back in the spring with a vengeance.  Pull them now so they don’t have a chance to grow.
  • Aerate your lawn. This simple step allows oxygen, water and fertilizer to penetrate the soil and helps your grass maintain its healthy roots.
  • Fertilize your yard. Adding fertilizer before the frost hits gives your lawn that hit of nutrients it needs to make it through the winter months.
  • Add mulch to your flower beds and tree roots. Adding a layer of mulch helps to keep the roots of your plants warm and protects them from frost.
  • Check your irrigation system. Now’s a good time to inspect your irrigation system and have any repairs completed.

Whether you have a small urban yard or a sprawling country estate, winter maintenance helps protect your grass, plants and trees – and ensures that your outdoor space is ready for your enjoyment as soon as the warmer weather hits.

If you want to look after your yard but don’t have the time or inclination, Okanagan Yard Works offers winter maintenance packages to suit every need and budget.  Leave the heavy lifting to the pros for outstanding results year over year.  Our knowledgeable crew knows just what to do to keep your landscaping looking its best.  Give us a call for a free estimate today!

Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Plan your Backyard Makeover!

It’s hard to imagine that summer is over.  The leaves are falling and the air is colder, meaning it will be months before we get out to enjoy our backyards again.  If bidding adieu to your outdoor space until next spring doesn’t make you just a little bit sad, perhaps it’s time to consider a landscape makeover to turn your property into your own summer oasis by next year.

Fall is the perfect time to plan and execute a backyard makeover:

  1. You are using your outdoor space less, so landscapers won’t be in the way of your day to day life.
  2. Landscape professionals are generally less busy in the fall and early winter, so you may have more success with availability than you would in the summer months.
  3. Many bulbs and plants require planting in fall in order to flower in spring – allowing you to have colour and vitality in your gardens from the very beginning of the season.
  4. Complete stonework, retaining walls and structures with plenty of time to allow grass and greenery to grow.

How do I plan my revitalized yard space?

In order to design the perfect outdoor entertainment area, it’s important to think about how you would like to use your yard.  Do you like to have friends over in the afternoons for barbeques, or for late-night cocktails on the patio?  Do you have small children who need space to play, or pets who may damage grass and foliage?  Are you looking for a water feature for ambience or a fire table for sipping hot cocoa on a cool evening?  All of these are important considerations that help to shape the look and feel you are after for your yard.

Armed with your ideas and our expertise, we can help you to design the ideal space to entertain, relax in and enjoy.  We will advise you on feature placement and materials, plant choices and irrigation systems to ensure that your final product is everything you wanted- and more.

Get ready for spring by planning your backyard getaway this fall!  Give us a call to book your free consultation.

Fall Landscaping Tips

The lazy days of summer aren’t quite over yet, but now is a good time to start thinking about your fall maintenance routine.  Getting a jump on your landscaping is a great way to ensure that you have a lush, healthy yard when spring finally comes back around.

Get rid of any weeds

If you haven’t managed to rid your lawn and garden of pesky weeds this summer, now is the time to get serious about weed control.  Leaving these intrusive invaders to flourish in the spring could choke out your grass and other plants before they get a chance to really thrive.

Remove dead leaves and debris from your lawn

Be sure to give your yard a thorough raking before the snow flies.  This ensures that any debris and dead leaves are not left under a layer of snow, inviting insects, rot and bare patches in the spring.

Over seed your grass

Eliminate unsightly thin areas and reduce weeds by over seeding your lawn in the fall.  This step will help you achieve a thick, green yard when spring time arrives.  Adding a layer of seed over your entire lawn will allow fresh grass to pop up as soon as the snow disappears.

Plant bulbs

Fall is the perfect time to plant or move perennials.  Whether you are looking to add some daffodils to your flower garden, or split some of your hostas to spread around the yard, it’s a good idea to get these tasks completed before the cold, wet weather hits.  Allowing the roots to get nestled in the warm ground before the frost arrives is key to having beautiful, healthy plants in the spring.

Hire a pro

Not sure you’re up to the challenge of prepping your yard for winter?  What better way to ensure your lawn and gardens survive the cold weather than to have a professional maintenance service each fall.  Our team can provide a one-time visit that will help protect and beautify your yard for the season ahead.  Leave the raking, weeding and over-seeding to us to guarantee great results next spring!

Tips to Improve Curb Appeal for the Real Estate Market

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, chances are you’ll do some repairs indoors, probably add a fresh coat of paint, and maybe even have the house staged to look its very best.  Many homeowners focus solely on the interior of their home, and give barely a second thought to the home’s exterior.  This can be a costly mistake, since the curb appeal of the home is the first impression a potential buyer gets of your house.  It’s what sets the tone and makes them imagine their own family living at that address.

There are lots of great ways to improve your home’s curb appeal – and its value – with just a few easy steps:

Update Your Front Walkway and Driveway

Take a look at your yard and see if your walkway and driveway are showing signs of wear and tear.  Cracks or stains will do nothing to help you sell your home.  Consider having some new stonework installed to add texture and colour to your home’s exterior, and bring new life to your yard.

Add Flowers and Plants

Nothing makes a home seem more inviting than carefully tended flower beds.  Adding flowers and greenery can go a long way towards improving the overall appeal of your yard.  Introducing a few well-placed urns on the porch or entryway is another way to bring out the best in your home and add vibrancy to your space.

Have Your Yard Professionally Maintained

A one-time professional maintenance appointment is a great investment in your property sale.  Ensuring that the grass is cut, the edges are trimmed, debris is removed and trees are pruned is an affordable way to display your home in immaculate condition.  Adding sod as needed to replace dead grass, or creating focal areas in your yard are also good solutions that make buyers take notice.

First Impressions Count

Get top dollar for your home by improving curb appeal.  Sprucing up the exterior of your home is a smart way to use your staging dollars, and can bring buyers right to your door.  Make your house stand out from the rest by hiring a professional to get your yard in tip-top shape.  Call the experts at Okanagan Yard Works for a consultation to see what we can do to help you sell your home.