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Landscape Design

Creating Privacy in your Backyard Oasis

Most of us like our neighbours well enough, but sometimes, you just want to be alone.  Whether it’s a private dinner for two al fresco, or a family barbecue for 20,  there’s no need to feel like you’re in a fish bowl.  If you’ve got privacy issues in your yard, Okanagan Yard Works is here to help with suggestions and ideas to create a more secluded space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Build a Privacy Fence

Chain link fences do the trick when it comes to separating property lines, but don’t help much in terms of privacy.  Consider building a solid wood fence that will keep prying eyes at bay.  Choose from an unlimited selection of materials and colours to match your style and vibe.

Construct a Gazebo

A gazebo is a great way to create a separate space within your yard, and can be draped with curtains or adorned with plants in order to add even more privacy while also adding interest and colour.  Add some built in furniture or a water feature for a perfect escape.

Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges and shrubs can help to block the view of nosey neighbours and also add a great touch of green in your yard.  Be sure to choose varieties that will not grow too big for your space, and leave enough room in between them for them to spread out over the years.

Plant Trees

Planting full sized trees can be costly, but if you have a little patience, plant a row of fast-growing trees and give them a couple of years to thrive.  You’ll find there’s nothing better for a privacy screen than a beautiful birch or evergreen swaying in the wind.

Construct a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens can grow literally anywhere, and can feature whatever type of greenery and plant life you’d like.  Add beauty and interest in your space while also blocking out your neighbour’s view of your yard.

Build a Lattice Wall

Much like the vertical garden, a lattice wall can be installed anywhere that you feel could use a little extra privacy – perhaps behind your hot tub or by your favourite reading nook.  A simple solution with instant results.

If you’re looking for smart ideas for added privacy on your property, call the pros at Okanagan Yard Works for a consultation.  We can help with everything from design to installation, making your backyard the secluded oasis you always wanted.