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Landscape Design

Environmentally-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties

By August 11, 2020No Comments

Owners of commercial buildings such as condominium or office complexes understand that the exterior appeal of their properties can be just as important as the interior when it comes to attracting new tenants.

Green areas that surround the building and separate it from neighbouring lots offer up an excellent way to boost curb appeal and entice renters or prospective buyers. However, lush landscaping and perfectly manicured grounds can come at a high cost if not designed and executed correctly. Landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank; it just has to be well thought out. Being smart about the elements you are adding – and their placement – will help you save money and ensure your landscaping is eco-friendly.

Here are a few things to consider when designing your landscaping around cost-saving and the environment.

Use Landscape Design to Save on Water

Divide your landscape zones into groups that have similar water requirements. This will ensure that the plants are watered appropriately without wasting water on landscape areas with lower water needs.

Install Smart Sprinklers

Install an automatic system that has rain sensors so you aren’t using water when you don’t have to. Make sure your sprinkler system is set to water early in the day so your watering efforts aren’t lost to evaporation. Look for low volume irrigation solutions for flower beds, ornamental borders, and container gardens. This ensures water is delivered directly to the root system and not lost to evaporation at ground level.

Look for Low Maintenance Greenery Solutions

Choose plants that are native to the area and appropriate for the environment they are being planted in. Low maintenance options such as trees, shrubs, and ornamental grasses add greenery without too much more workload for individuals who will ultimately have to take care of the grounds. Add some ground cover, such as mulch, around plants and flower beds to help retain moisture (so you’ll spend less money on water) and reduce both erosion and weed growth.

Get Smart About Lighting

Use energy-efficient landscape lighting. Whether you are lighting pathways or the outside facade of the building, adding a lighting element to the landscape will add interest to the building when the sun goes down. To save money and the environment, make sure you choose lighting options that have energy-savings built-in. If you already have existing lighting, consider converting to LED. This will allow you to lower your overall carbon footprint.

Embrace Hardscapes

Consider adding hardscapes to your landscape. While you don’t want to skimp on plants, adding an eye-catching hardscape feature will become an attractive focal point to your overall design. Whether it’s paving stone walkways, a large patio, a stone wall with a border, or communal areas for outdoor seating, a hardscape is not only functional, it’s low maintenance and requires no watering.

Ensure that your landscaping dollars are well spent with landscape design services from Okanagan Yard Works. Give us a call today to see how we can transform the landscape of your commercial property.