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Landscape Maintenance

Fall Landscaping Tips

By August 21, 2018No Comments

The lazy days of summer aren’t quite over yet, but now is a good time to start thinking about your fall maintenance routine.  Getting a jump on your landscaping is a great way to ensure that you have a lush, healthy yard when spring finally comes back around.

Get rid of any weeds

If you haven’t managed to rid your lawn and garden of pesky weeds this summer, now is the time to get serious about weed control.  Leaving these intrusive invaders to flourish in the spring could choke out your grass and other plants before they get a chance to really thrive.

Remove dead leaves and debris from your lawn

Be sure to give your yard a thorough raking before the snow flies.  This ensures that any debris and dead leaves are not left under a layer of snow, inviting insects, rot and bare patches in the spring.

Over seed your grass

Eliminate unsightly thin areas and reduce weeds by over seeding your lawn in the fall.  This step will help you achieve a thick, green yard when spring time arrives.  Adding a layer of seed over your entire lawn will allow fresh grass to pop up as soon as the snow disappears.

Plant bulbs

Fall is the perfect time to plant or move perennials.  Whether you are looking to add some daffodils to your flower garden, or split some of your hostas to spread around the yard, it’s a good idea to get these tasks completed before the cold, wet weather hits.  Allowing the roots to get nestled in the warm ground before the frost arrives is key to having beautiful, healthy plants in the spring.

Hire a pro

Not sure you’re up to the challenge of prepping your yard for winter?  What better way to ensure your lawn and gardens survive the cold weather than to have a professional maintenance service each fall.  Our team can provide a one-time visit that will help protect and beautify your yard for the season ahead.  Leave the raking, weeding and over-seeding to us to guarantee great results next spring!