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Fire Features

Incorporating Fire Features in Your Landscape Design

By December 7, 2018No Comments

The cold weather is finally here.  The days are shorter and night falls before we even hit the dinner table at night.  Seems like it’s time to close up the backyard patio for the year – or is it?  More and more the trend of fire features has been allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces.  If you aren’t quite ready to give up your yard for the season, consider this fun idea for an invigorated look that provides much needed warmth and light for entertaining al fresco in the cool fall and winter months.

Options for Fire Features

There are two main options for fire features for your yard.  In order to decide which is best for you, it’s important to consider a number of key factors such as size and scope, and discuss them with your landscape design team.  After that, the sky is the limit as far as texture, shape and materials.  Your imagination and the talented team at Okanagan Yard Works can help you to incorporate a stunning feature that will enhance your property all year long.

Fire Pit:

Many homeowners choose a fire pit to add to their entertaining space.  This is because they are usually smaller in size, cost less to build and are more easily integrated with existing landscape design.  Fire pits can be as simple or intricate as your budget and plan will allow, while still providing a warm and cozy atmosphere for homeowners and their guests.  Often more rustic in construction, these features lend themselves well to smaller or more intimate areas.


If you are looking for a signature structure that will stand out in your yard, a fireplace may be the way to go.  They are often larger and more elaborate than a fire pit, but they are a statement piece that can change the entire feel of your space.  They also provide heat and soft lighting – and if you are so inclined – can be an alternative to your regular gas or charcoal barbecue as well.  For larger properties or for maximum impact, consider a custom fireplace to extend your outdoor season.

Whether you are looking for a small addition to your backyard or a major focal point in your landscape design, fire features are on point for current home trends.  Contact the experts at Okanagan Yard Works to see how we can breathe new life into your winter entertaining!