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Weed control seems like a simple task, but it’s actually very important for the proper maintenance of your lawn and gardens. Having a weed-free property not only adds to the overall look and appeal of your outdoor spaces, but having a professional identify and properly remove unwanted or invasive plant life extends the life of your gardens and reduces replacement costs immensely. Often our focus is on improving the health of the grass to eliminate weed problems organically, but there are times when pesticides or hand removal are more appropriate options.


Edging your lawn adds a polished look to your landscaping and is a simple way to create definition between lawns and garden areas. There are many materials to choose from to coordinate with your landscape designranging from plastic tubing and fencing to stone and brick work.  Creating a clear separation of your garden areas makes lawn and garden maintenance easier as well, and keeps mulch and soil from your garden from spilling out on to your beautifully trimmed grass. 

Hedge Trimming

Hedges can serve a number of purposes for your yard, including defining spaces and creating privacy, but poorly trimmed or unkempt hedges can look shoddy and unsightly. As a part of our maintenance routine, we attend to the trimming of hedges and bushes to ensure your plants are always looking their best.  Keeping hedges trimmed and free of debris keeps them growing healthy and strong and helps to minimize replacement costs.  We are familiar with all hedge varieties and have experience in trimming each one to suit its own specific needs.   


Like any other plant, trees and shrubs are happiest when they are well maintained and trimmed. As a part of our service we give your trees and shrubs a check up at each visit and ensure that they are pruned as required.  This not only adds to their aesthetic value, but also extends their life and keeps them flourishing and vibrant for years to come.  Pruning allows the tree or shrub to divert its resources away from dying or diseased areas and encourages the development of a strong and hardy tree or shrub that will stand up to the elements.  Our landscape professionals are adept at identifying the needs of all varieties and understand the type of landscaping Kelowna homeowners require. 


In order to look its best, your lawn needs additional nutrients to get it through the year. Not only does fertilizer help to keep your lawn vibrant and lush, it also allows for better root development, and cuts down on weeds.  Our landscape specialists monitor your lawn to make sure its nutrient levels are optimized for exceptional results all season long.  We can develop a fertilizing schedule that is suitable for your grass varieties, and we will attend to application to ensure that your lawn is not over or under fertilized at any given time in the year.  Allowing the right amount of fertilizer promotes growth and helps to give you the beautiful green lawn you are after and keep it for the entire season. 


Depending on the acidity of your soil, your lawn may benefit from liming to balance out the PH level of your property. Earth that is especially acidic can draw moisture away from roots and plant life, inhibiting growth and causing browning or patchy areas.  We will assess your grass and advise if liming would be a beneficial service for your lawn.  Selection of the right product and correct application are key to successful liming, since over or under application can have a negative effect on your grass.  Likewise, liming at the wrong time of year can be less than ideal for optimal results.  Trust our experienced landscape professionals to keep your lawns looking their best. 

Soil & Bark Mulch

The addition of soil and bark mulch to your gardens and landscaped areas can serve many purposes. For starters, it adds visual interest and uniformity to tie all of your plant zones together.  It also has the added benefits of helping your plants to retain moisture and keep out weeds.  In addition, organic mulches provide nutrients to the soil as they break down, contributing to the viability and growth of your plants and flowers.  Installing mulch is a simple step that can help extend plant life and beautify your home. 


Aeration is a landscaping technique that improves the air flow to the soil and reduces compacting. Removing small cores of soil allows for fewer longer term maintenance requirements and increases absorption of water, fertilizer and natural nutrients.  This leads to stronger roots and a healthier looking lawn.  As a part of our maintenance program we will aerate your lawn at the beginning of the summer or at the beginning of fall in order to achieve the best possible results. 


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