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How to Design the Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Area

By February 16, 2018April 13th, 2018No Comments

How to Design the Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Area

Many homeowners are excited by the idea of creating a beautiful backyard oasis to entertain in and enjoy. Taking vision to reality, however, is sometimes a challenging task. It helps to break things down and consider how you want to use your yard, and then begin to introduce these elements to your design.

Here are a few things to think about:

Do you need green space?

If you need to maintain a play zone for kids or pets, it’s important to incorporate this into your plan. Having a great entertainment area has to include room for all of your family members! Not to worry – green space doesn’t have to be boring! There are lots of options to make this area “pop”.

What features do you want to highlight?

Great landscaping includes focal points to catch the eye and create designated entertaining areas. Choose from a beautiful water feature, a custom designed fire pit or a beautiful gazebo for outdoor dining on a hot summer day. Perhaps you want to create definition by creating stone pathways throughout your property. These special elements are what make your backyard stand out from the rest and truly create an outdoor living space.

Will you need lighting?

If you like to entertain at night, make sure to plan for adequate lighting to illuminate pathways and highlight your design features. This will make for seamless day to night transitioning for you and your guests.

What types of plants will suit your yard the best?

Always take into account the lighting, soil conditions and drainage for your plants, and ensure that there is a good balance of colour and greenery. Allow for plants that flower at different times of the year as well so that you are always surrounded with beautiful blooms.

If you are considering a backyard renovation, speak to the professional team at Okanagan Yardworks. We will be happy to give you some design ideas and a free estimate for your landscape redesign. Trust our experience and know-how to build the outdoor entertainment area of your dreams!