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Landscape Construction

Landscaping for Hotels: Enhancing the Guest Experience

A well-designed landscape on your hotel property can enhance your guest experience and help you fill your rooms. Guests often choose a hotel based on its look and feel. It’s important to create a comfortable and welcoming environment that has a little bit of a wow-factor to give everyone something to talk about and ensure repeat bookings.

While excellent customer service and spacious, airy rooms are certainly important, a hotel’s first impression is often the surrounding grounds, so when you’re designing for your hotel landscape, find ways to visually stun your audience. Here are a few things to consider.

Bring the Indoors Out

It’s important to design your hotel grounds as an extension of the interior. Not only does this give you more overall space, it gives your guests room beyond their room to interact with each other and unwind.

If you have a pool area, make sure you add enough hardscape space around it for lounge chairs and covered cabanas and consider adding in a pool-side bar where guests can mix and mingle. Even if your hotel doesn’t have a pool, create outdoor spaces with welcoming and comfortable seating around focal points such as statement fireplaces or water features.

Divide Outdoor Space with Privacy in Mind

Whether you have an expansive space or are dealing with a small amount of outdoor landscaping, think about ways to use greenery to create small pockets of privacy for guests who want a bit of privacy while enjoying the outdoors. Benches nestled against hedges are an excellent way to create welcoming nooks for visitors. Small accents, like statement planters between loungers on a pool deck, will also give the illusion of privacy even on open hardscapes.

Create Walkways for Exploring the Grounds

Once you’ve created separate spaces, make sure you’ve made your landscape easy for guests to explore. Walkways aren’t just attractive, they’re functional and can help direct guest traffic. Elevated wooden walkways or whimsical winding stone paths will help guests enjoy the grounds to the fullest while making them feel your hotel is their own personal oasis. Don’t forget to highlight this feature when the sun goes down. Well-lit paths with soft modern lighting will keep guests safe and create a welcoming visual throughout the evening.

Use Landscaping to Enhance the Style of the Building Itself

Consider the style of the hotel and rooms as well. More modern interiors should be mirrored by a modern landscaping style while minimal hotel designs should also have landscaping that incorporates a minimal aesthetic. By using your surrounding landscape as an accent for your interior design scheme, you’ll be tying everything together for an overall pleasing effect.

When you’re ready to enhance your hotel’s outdoor space, give us a call for ideas and suggestions that can elevate your property. Our professional landscape team can help you transform your space into something special for your hotel guests.