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Landscape Construction

Landscaping for Urban (Read: Smaller) Properties

By January 23, 2019No Comments

Most discussions on landscaping invoke visions of a sprawling estate with rolling hills, a thicket of trees and winding pathways leading to a perfect oasis.  Not every space is created equal, however, so what about people living in urban or city areas who have considerably less real estate to work with?  Even though your property is smaller in size, it can still pack a big punch with a few landscaping ideas from Okanagan Yard Works.

Consider scale.  When designing your layout, think about how the size of your materials will compare to the size of your house and yard.  If, for example, you put a giant pond in your 20 x 50 backyard, it just isn’t going to look right.  You could, however, build in a beautiful water feature like a fountain or waterfall that would fit perfectly into your yard.  Choose trees and shrubbery that won’t crowd your yard, and make sure your patio furniture is scaled to size as well.

Use hardscapes or gardens instead of grass.  If your front lawn is on the petite side, think about using hardscapes like interlock or natural stone, complemented by colourful gardens to replace your lawn.  It can reduce maintenance while also giving the front of your home more curb appeal.

Use colour.  Colour in small spaces really stands out and draws the eye towards your features.  Invest in perennials that add some pop to your yard, as well as trees and shrubbery that have some veining and colour variations to create a little more interest.  Cushions, carpets and even outdoor tiling can tie in with your garden theme for a really polished finish.

Hire a professional.  If you are planning to revamp your outdoor space this year, but need a little help and inspiration get it just right, hire the professionals at Okanagan Yard Works.  We have the skills and experience to help you create the look you are after, and to complete your outdoor remodel exactly the way you want.Call us for a free consultation and see how we can make your small space feel like your own fabulous retreat.